Dixie Armstrong

Reading EOG--May 28, 2014--8:30
Math EOG ---May 29, 2014--8:30
Operations and Algebraic thinking30-35%
Number and Operations in Base Ten 5-10%
Number and Operations -- Fractions20-25%
Measurement and data22-27%
Reading tutor ← click--- great sites
Math tutor ←  click---great sites
Dictionary and  thesaurus

My students have a password that they can use to go into these programs to enhanced there learning.

Online Reading Assignments  


Grammar Test--Pronouns




Grammar -- Contractions

Grammar -- Contraction ( soft school)

Grammar ---adjectivies --( soft school)

Grammar --adjectivies

idioms quiz --soft school

idioms quiz --quia



Science Quiz on Matter----

Multiplication test

IXL---math program

Math practice


math praciticeOperations and Algebraic thinkingNumber and Operations in Base TenFractionsMeasurement and dataGeometry  



SCOOTPAD  ScootPad is the ultimate way to master math and reading skills.  Self-paced and persoonalized practice kekeeps kids engaged and challenged.   


Think Central - on line Math assignments


BrainpopJr   Brainpop

Math PracticeReading Pracice
 Jeffersons LabTest tutor Level 3
Online practice  Reading Passages about Sun and Planets
3rd grade Math 2010 releaseStudy Zone Reading passages
 3rd grade Math release3rd grade Reading 2010 release
 TEST Prep Practice 12 chapters 3rd grade Reading release
FRACTIONS  Equivalent Fractions TEST TUTOR

 Aracademic skill builder-antonyms and synonyms

 Understanding Words Prefixes games--Prefix game 2 Word in Context




READING STORIES Click on the spelling test practice to help learn your spelling words


Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3

Boom Town spelling city   Newsletter 

Vocabulary games

Spelling words

Fact and opinion

Penguin Chick The Gardener


What About Me?---Newsletter

Vocabulary games

Practice sequence of events


A Day's WorkPushing Up the Sky

Alexander,Who  Used to Be Rich Last Sunday  



Prudy's Problem and How She Solved It -spelling city--voc-test

Studystack--Voc -studystack --scramble --

quiz  --test --questions --study table


Night Letters

1.Subject/verb practice

2.Subject/verb practice

Subject/verb online quiz

Subject-verb paragragh

If you Made a Million  --NewsletterTops and Bottoms

A Symphony


My Rows and Piles of Coins  --NewsletterWilliam's HouseVocanoes


Unit 4Unit 5Unit 6
 Wings    Newsletter

 Suki"s Kimono 

click for more


 The Story of the Statue of Liberty
 Hottest, Coldest, HIghest, Deepest How My Family Lives in America Happy Birthday Mr. Kang
 Rocks in His Head Good-bye, 382 Talking Walls: Art for the People
 America's Champion Swimmer: Gertrude Ederle Jalepeno Bagels Two Bad Ants
 Fly, Eagle, Fly! Me and Uncle Romie Elena's Serenade


  Play with the numbers and give your

BRAIN a Powerful workout 

                                                                   click on a link

 Vocabulary Words

Math Videos

 -----TEST and games 

 Chapter 4 voc words


We are begining Chapter 4 this week.



Space Racer X  You are the first person to attempt to reach a distant planet under constant asteroid attack.  How far can you guide your space craft? (Multiplication)

TUG TEAM  may have up to 8 players - How well do you really know your Multiplication facts.  Have fun..

MODEL AND SOLVE--Try your luck at word problems once the screen comes up click on problems to get started.

Join me at the races.

Collect data

Play which Word Game

Unscramble sentences


 Write a sentence with words

Word Search


Spelling/vocabulary test

Number & Operations in Base Ten

 - List 1 of 2

Number & Operations in Base Ten

 - List 2 of 2


 How do you subtract by regrouping

Multiplication chart print

 addition      number line game

substraction    game

multiplication test

Multiplication game--fun

Multiplication practice 

Drop and drag Multiplication problems

Helping to learn Multiplication facts


division-----division test


 Place Value Teacher Tube Video

  Rounding Teacher Tube video

 rounding instructions andpractice

rounding to nearest tens

activity rounding nearest tens

activity adding --rounding to nearest tens


 rounding nearest hundreds number nut

rounding nearest hundreds




Identiy Property of Addition

Associative Property of Additon

Commulative Property of Addition

 Game on Properites of Multiplication

Let's play basketball

Test your knowledge on properties


 Interactive clock

Telling time

Digital and analog clocks


Just in Time Quiz



Word problems

Elapsed time   interactive --NEW

   Mode -Mean interactive--Fun and NEW 
   Metric System 


Plant Structure

Plant Parts

Life Cycle

Growing Plants Indoors

Plants and Photosynthesis Scavenger Hunt

Moon Sun and Stars 

 Human Body 

Skeletal system


Human Skeleton

 song/video on Skeleton






Read about plants


Trading CARDS Planets

Planet and Solar System round 1

Planet and Solar System  round 2



Earth orbits the Sun

The moon for Kids

Label the phases of the moon

Bill Nye the Science Guy

Explaing the Phase of the Moon

Monster Fact about the Moon Phases

Watch and learn about the moon phases

Put the moon phases in order


 Build a Skeleton

Skeleton Game

Bones Annie

Skelton Shakedown

Bones of the human body

Human Skeleton Quiz



 label the diagram of the plant and flower    
 Jigsaw Puzzle flower    





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