Happy School Principals' Day

While students have to think about studying and teachers about teaching, the principal has a lot more on his or her mind pertaining to the school. From helping students to achieve more, managing students as well as the teachers, and living up to the expectations of the parents, the jobs of school principals are often underestimated. Another thing that makes them worthy of recognition is that they started as teachers and climbed their way up to the principal’s seat. They also often substitute for teachers if they have taken leave and thus know how to engage with students and make the learning process interesting. This is what makes the school principal more than just the head of a school but a true teacher who makes a difference in the lives of students. Their job includes meeting with the teachers, understanding the students’ concerns, planning lessons, as well as aiming to make the school better in all ways.
Happy School Principals' Day to Mrs. Mary Bridgers, Dr. Robert Tripp, & Ms. Brianna Williams! We appreciate everything you do for Tyrrell County Schools!