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Check out our own version of Storyline Online!  Watch a video of TES "local stars" reading favorite children's books here at TES Storyline Online!

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Here are some things to remember when you come to the Media Center:


*You may check-out up to 2 books at a time.

*Remember to return your books to the drop box so that they can be checked back in to the library.

*If you only return 1 book, you can only check out 1 new book.

*Grab a shelf marker and use it!  There are thousands of books in the Media Center and they all have a very specific place on the shelf.  Using a shelf marker helps us to know where to put a book back if we decide not to get it.

*Put books back on the shelf standing tall with spines facing out.  This helps so that we can read the title and other important labels on the spines.

*Keep the Media Center clean and take care of your books so that others may enjoy them for many years to come!  

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