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Calming Strategies

Calming Strategies

There is no wrong way to calm down.  Try them out and see which one works the best for you!


1. Slowly count to 10  (or as high as you need to go!)

2. Try the Push, Pull, Dangle

        - Push down on your seat for 5 counts.

         - Pull up on your seat for 5 counts.

         - Let your arms dangle at your sides.

         - Repeat, until you feel calm. 


3. Slowly say the alphabet.  If that’s too easy, try saying it backwards.

4. Try finger tapping. Tap each finger to your thumb as you repeat “I am calm now.”

5. Starfish breathing:

       - Hold up one hand. 

       - Using the pointer finger on your other hand, trace around your hand,                    breathing in as you trace up and out as you trace down. 

       **You can also trace around the points of an actual star or starfish picture.


6. Whale breathing: Breathe in and count to 5 using your fingers.  When it is time to breathe out, look up at the ceiling and blow your air out like a whale using it’s blowhole


7. Bubble breathing: Pretend that you have a bubble wand in front of you.  Breathe in and then breathe out slowly to try and fill the room with bubbles.  Using slow, deep breaths makes the biggest bubbles!


8. Snake breathing:  Breathe in through your nose and breathe out hissing your air out like a snake.


9. Lazy 8 breathing:  Trace around a figure 8 laying on its' side.  When you trace one side of the 8 breathe in; when you trace the other side of the 8 breathe out.  Eventually students can do this in the air without looking at the 8 itself. 

10.0 Grounding:  Using all 5 senses, try to name 5 things you can see in the moment, 4 things you can touch right then, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can taste and 1 thing you can smell.  Focusing on what you can immediately sense should help relieve anxiety about the past or future.
11. Do what makes you happy: Most people calm down in their own individual way.  Some children love to snuggle with a stuffed animal.  Others make art; while others need to run or sing or dance.